Leaving ALL Montanans on the Hook for Tens of Millions Per Year
Permanently Expands a Massive Entitlement Program

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I-185 Removes the Sunset Provision Originally Included in Medicaid Expansion

According to Sen. Ed Buttrey, the author of the original Medicaid Expansion legislation, this sunset provision was designed to provide an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and ensure proper cost controls.

Instead, I-185 makes Medicaid Expansion permanent and creates more than $60 million per year in new spending obligations for Montana taxpayers.

Even though I-185 is projected to bring in $74 million in new tax revenues per year, it dedicates no more than $26 million–a fraction of new tax revenue–to cover that cost.

This means that all Montana taxpayers–not just smokers–will be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars per year.